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VOYAGER, by                    
First Line: He had returned from a far land; once more
Last Line: "of fire and snow"" . . . The uncle told a tale."
Subject(s): Travel; Journeys; Trips

He had returned from a far land; once more
He sat beside the hearth where long ago
He had broken bread and gulped red wine. The lore
Of travel he related, as a glow
Fell on two eager faces, each intent
Upon his tales -- his stripling nephews they,
Young Tuscan shepherds, boys still innocent
Of all but youth's crude whisperings at play.

"Two gifts that land will give," the uncle said,
"Gold" -- and he clinked his purse with braggart show,
"And fair-haired women" -- here he cocked his head
With a sly wink -- "women of fire and snow."
"Gold!" muttered one lad, and his narrowing eyes
Glittered. The other, dreaming, olive-pale,
Started; they saw his flaming blush arise --
"Of fire and snow" . . . The uncle told a tale.

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