Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, THE SUNDOWNER'S SACRIFICE, by J. O.

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First Line: Old jacky gazed on the setting sun
Last Line: "h—m, clear out of here like—blazes!"
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; Practical Jokes; Work; Workers; Pranks

OLD Jacky gazed on the setting sun
As he stood by his garden gate,
When to him appeared a "regular" one
Of the sect called the Swag Estate.

"Chance of a job?" 'Twas the fixed address,
And it glibly slipped his jaws,
As a parson's patter is void of stress,
And told, too, for the self-same cause.

An idea lit up the humorist's brow
Of a fine retributive plan
And he answered, "Well, I want just now
A really active man.

"Can you run? Would you mind running round the shed?
You can mess with the men tonight."
The thought of a feed of yeasty bread
Made the whaler's heart as light.

He dropped his "hump" and he hitched his trews
And took up a hole in his belt;
A stomach ill-used braced up his thews,
His soul two square feeds smelt.

At something like a "Botany" pace
He covered the track set out,
Great tears of sweat ran down his face—
He was winded, just about.

As the woolly joker again he faced,
Plying a dirty "wipe",
A smile that gentleman's visage graced
Suspiciously rich and ripe.

"Ah! very good. Yes, I think you'll do
(Give this to the cook) very well.
In the morning, h—m, I want you to
H—m, clear out of here like—blazes!"

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