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EVENING AT GLOUCESTER, by                    
First Line: Oh, when the mist came in off gloucester bay
Last Line: To me, marooned by nature in that silvery guise.
Subject(s): Gloucester, Massachusetts

Oh, when the mist came in off Gloucester Bay,
A silvery fog which isolated all,
A dripping fog which covered large and small;
It hid away the ships with lights so gay,
It hid the lighthouse lights, the Milky Way;
It even hid the near-by strong sea-wall
And lamp posts standing near and standing tall
Whose haloed lamps a blurry light convey.

And I, quite isolated, standing there,
Hearing the ever-dinging warning bell,
Trying to pierce the fog with feeble eyes,
Feeling cold mist upon my cheeks and hair,
Sensed a message which the fog would tell
To me, marooned by Nature in that silvery guise.

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