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First Line: In the jewel-case of his scarlet mouth
Last Line: Whose hearts are wounded at his flowery glance.
Alternate Author Name(s): Moreas, Jean
Subject(s): Courage; Valor; Bravery

In the jewel-case of his scarlet mouth
Thirty-two teeth of enamel shine.
His locks, that cool the frantic drouth
Of an abbess, in gay ringlets twine
To eyes that fairy lustre stole—
And their down-curved lids seem dipped in kohl.

Hand on his hip in gauntlet black,
With feathered bonnet and rapier swing
Under high balconies—with no glance back—
Indolent he walks. Fine daggers bring
To their silver knobbed in his silken sash,
The emerald gleam and the diamond flash.

In his alcove, that fragrance fills
Of flower-petals, haughty dames
Whose hidden ardor freely spills
Jewels and gold that reflect their flames,
Come to kiss his eyes where cold stars laugh
And his lips like the slaughtered calf.

Fair as a god, brave as his dirks,
Duel-slaying the Count of Montague,
Four nephews of the pope, and twenty Truks;
Calm, with high head he walks the city through,
While servile sweethearts rapt attendance dance,
Whose hearts are wounded at his flowery glance.

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