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CAIN AND ABEL, by            
First Line: But yesterday / we roamed the plain
Last Line: What peril lurks! My brother!
Subject(s): Abel; Cain

But yesterday
We roamed the plain,
My brother.
We plucked thy grain,
We watched my flock,
And loved each other.

'Tis harvest time.
Thy goodly field
My brother,
Has plenteous yield,
While young kids play
Beside the mother.

Now, silent thou!
Withdrawn in gloom --
But turning
Thou seekest room
Here by my side.
Thy hand is burning!

Thine eye is wild --
Thy voice is strange --
But, smiling.
Thou sayest: "Wilt range
The field with me?"
So, pleading, so, beguiling.

Almost I fear
I'll say thee nay
Yet -- have thy way!
Some secret woe
Thy heart is tearing.

The sun sinks low
And I am cold
My brother --
How oft of old
We walked as now
Nor sought another!

The lambs are safe.
And safe are we,
My brother --
Calm flocks we see --
No beast -- who comes!
What peril lurks! my brother!

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