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First Line: Is that the sea, is that the sea?
Last Line: "god without pity! O son, little son!"
Subject(s): Mothers; Sea; Ocean

"Is that the sea, is that the sea?
O mother dear, lean close to me.
Just there, outside the window sill,
The creeping tides are never still."
"Lie back, my son, the April breeze
Is dashing sunlight on the trees."

"I hear the sea, I hear the sea;
The breakers keen and call to me!
My father's blood was mixed with brine,
And, oh, my father's blood is mine."
"'Tis fever makes your eyes so blue
And stains your lips with that hot hue."

"Look, look, a sail upon the sea!"
"'Tis sunlight on the dogwood tree."
"It tacks! And now it comes straight on!"
"Merciful God, he is my son."
"Mother, I must go down to the sea!"
"Nay, son, my son, stay home with me."

"Look how they beckon, the sheet is spread."
"We are alone and I am afraid."
"They are calling me, calling me, I must go down.
They are sailing away to a strange, lonely town.
Mother, come with me. . . . Mother! . . . 'tis done."
"God without pity! O son, little son!"

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