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THE HOUR, by                    
First Line: This is the hour all history shall claim
Last Line: And stand, and strike, and you must overcome.
Subject(s): History; Oppression; War; Historians

This is the hour all History shall claim.
There is a moment in the lives of men,
In this and every age, one moment, when
A noble deed may win undying name;
But this, bloom of the century, doth shame
All years that have been, or may be again,
For Freedom tracks Oppression to his den.
"This is the hour," is writ with blood and flame
Across the continent—"this is the hour."
Stand, statesmen, stand! the crisis now is come;
Your firmness nerves your country's arm with power.
Speak, orators, or be forever dumb!
United North, advance—strength is your dower—
And stand, and strike, and you must overcome.

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