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THE FEAST OF PETER THE GREAT, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: O'er the neva gayly dancing
Last Line: All the neva from afar.
Alternate Author Name(s): Pushkin, Alexander; Poushkin, Aleksander Sergyevich
Subject(s): Peter I, Czar Of Russia (1672-1725); Russia; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Peter The Great; Soviet Union; Russians; Leningrad; Petrograd

O'ER the Neva gayly dancing,
Flag and pennant flutter fair;
From the boats in line advancing
Oarsmen's chorus fill the air.
Loud and joyous guests assembling
Throng the palace of the Tzar;
And to cannon crash is trembling
All the Neva from afar.

Wherefore feasts our Tzar of wonders?
Why is Petersburg so gay?
Why those shouts and cannon thunders,
And the fleet in war array?
Is new glory dawning on ye,
Russia's eagle, Russia's sword?
Has the stern Swede fled before ye?
Has the foe for peace implored?

Is it Brandt's slight boat appearing,
On the shore that was the Swede's?
Through our young fleet proudly steering
Like a grandame she proceeds.
They, her giant brood, seem kneeling
'Fore their grandame, black and grim;
And to Science' name are pealing
Cannon crash and choral hymn?

Is 't Poltava, red and glorious,
That he feasts the herd of war?
When his empire's life victorious
Saved from Charles the Russian Tzar?
Greet they Catherine's saint those thunders,
Hath she given a prince to life?
Of our giant Tzar of wonders,
She, the raven-tressed wife?

No! a subject's crime remitting
To the guilty, guilt he sinks,
By a subject's side he's sitting,
From a subject's cup he drinks:
And his brow he kisses smiling,
Gay of heart and bright of eye;
And he feasts a reconciling,
Like some mighty victory.

Hence those shouts of joy and wonder;
Hence is Petersburg so gay;
Hence the songs and cannon thunder,
And the fleet in war array;
Hence the guests in joy assembling;
Hence the full cup of the Tzar;
Hence with cannon crashes trembling
All the Neva from afar.

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