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First Line: Light within light
Last Line: Before memory began, or I was a child.
Subject(s): Angels; Memory; Sky

Light within light,
And darkness reaching down beyond the blue
Resonant silence of the singing sky
Deeper than leaves ascend, or swallows fly.

Here are no leaves opening, no flowers falling
Or birds flying from the nest, tossed, lost in wind.
Here beyond the commotion of the garden
I remember no beginning, fear no ending.

Blue of the nether sky is deep identity
And light grows dark within the monstrance of the sun.
Eye cannot penetrate the darkness of the glory

As the beating heart of eternity
Throbs out the resounding OM of being
In waves that overflow all sense, past sight, past sound.

Its living pulse becomes a sky of angels.

The sky of angels is alive, and I have lived it
Before memory began, or I was a child.

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