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First Line: The sea-hooves whiten on the far horizon
Last Line: A spume-flect pegasus of ocean's spawning.
Subject(s): Animals; Horses

THE sea-hooves whiten on the far horizon.
Behold! Now they are on us. The wind flies on
These herded stallions with his whip that urges
The savage anger of stampeding surges.
Behold! This stumbles, and that one on-drifting
After his fellow, sullen, sly, and lifting
High hooves above the fallen, leaps, is riven
And falls in turn; an unseen spur is driven
Into the flanks of the mad beast that follows,
That charges neighing and fills up the hollows
With roaring wind and noise of waters steaming.
O! steeds of storm, O! foam of white manes streaming!
I have stood to watch, 'mid bitter wind, uprightly
The unending race of sea-hooves plunging whitely,
And still I wait till one wild steed shall blunder
Out from the host, and with sheathed wings that sunder
In showers of sea-rain to my side come fawning
A spume-flect Pegasus of Ocean's spawning.

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