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SANDY HOOK, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: White sand and cedars; cedars, sand
Last Line: Rattling their life-boats down the sand!
Alternate Author Name(s): Richards, Laura E.

WHITE sand and cedars; cedars, sand;
Light-houses here and there; a strand
Strewn o'er with driftwood; tangled weeds;
A squad of fish-hawks poised above
The nets, too anxious-eyed to move;
Flame-flowering cactus; winged seeds,
That on a sea of sunshine lie
Unfanned, save by some butterfly;
A sun now reddening toward the west; --
And under and through all one hears
That mellow voice, old as the years,
The waves' low monotone of unrest.
So wanes the summer afternoon
In drowsy stillness, and the moon
Appears; when, sudden, round about
The wind-cocks wheel, -- hoarse fog-horns shout
A warning, and in gathering gloom
Against the sea's white anger loom
Tall shapes of wreckers, torch in hand,
Rattling their life-boats down the sand!

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