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WHERE THE WHITE BIRD FLIES, by                    
First Line: The white bird fallen? The white bird lost?
Last Line: Only heroes follow where the white bird flies.
Subject(s): Air Travel; Aviation & Aviators; Birds; Sky; Wings

The White Bird fallen? The White Bird lost?
Never! Tell it rather that the White Bird crossed
On climbing wings and sunny to a duskless realm—
Nungesser and Coli singing at the helm.

Farther—oh—much farther than any counted miles,
Where time is measured only in eternal whiles;
Winds forever favoring; wings forever free;
Far from little hinderings of land and sea.

Ask of any air-man who has seen the way,
Circling near the portals night and day.
Upward, onward, outward, through the gleaming skies—
Only heroes follow where the White Bird flies.

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