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FOR POETS SLAIN IN WAR, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Happy the poets who fell in magnificent ways!
Last Line: Splendidly dead for the patria, splendidly dead!
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets; World War I; First World War

Happy the poets who fell in magnificent ways!
Gayly they went in the pride of their blossoming days,
Each with his vision of Liberty, chanting its praise.

Seeger and Ledwidge and Pearse and Brooke and Peguy --
Names that are songs in the saying, that surely shall be
Laurelled among the immortals, for all men to see.

Lo, they were darlings of destiny! Weakly we shed
Even one tear that they lie at the barricades red,
Splendidly dead for the Patria, splendidly dead!

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