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A CHANT OF MY BELOVED, by                    
First Line: My beloved / is the altar
Last Line: Of earth or heaven.
Subject(s): Altars; Hearts; Love

MY beloved
Is the altar
Upon which is lit the incense
Of a woman's dreams.

My beloved is darkly beautiful.
The shadow of his profile
Is as an effigy upon a Grecian vase,
A curving tender smile to pierce the soul.

My beloved
Has the quick grace of a stag in flight.
The slim pines of the forest
Bend not more easily to the south wind's swift caress
Than my beloved sways in mazy rhythms of the dance.

The voice of my beloved
Is as the music of a thousand muted lutes
Whispering through primrose twilight.

The kiss of my beloved
Is as warm honey on the mouth.

The eyes of my beloved
Are as a violet flame, searingly beautiful.

The arms of my beloved
Are as the purple hills where cedars stand
Fragrant and indomitable through centuries.

The love of my beloved
Is all a woman asks
Of earth or heaven.

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