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MELANCHOLIA (FOR AN ENGRAVING BY ALBRECHT DURER), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: So many years I toiled like caliban
Last Line: The sun sets, and a bat flies past the sun.
Alternate Author Name(s): Duclaux, Madame Emile; Darmesteter, Mary; Robinson, A. Mary F.
Subject(s): Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528); Melancholy; Dejection

So many years I toiled like Caliban
To fetch the stones and earth to build my fane;
So many years I thought before the brain
Reluctant would divulge the final plan.

Years upon years to forge the invented tools
Novel, as all my temple should be new;
Years upon years to fashion and to hew
The stones that should astound a world of fools.

Now shall I build? Cui bono? -- lo, the salt
Hath lost its savour and I have no will:
What reck I now of gate or dome or vault?

Among the ruins of the thing undone
I sit and ask myself Cui bono? till
The sun sets, and a bat flies past the sun.

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