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VITA BENEFICA, by                    
First Line: On softest pillows my dim eyes unclose
Last Line: And then I woke -- to find that I was well!

ON softest pillows my dim eyes unclose;
No pain, -- delicious weariness instead;
Sweet silence broods around the quiet bed,
And round me breathes the fragrance of the rose.
The moonlight leans against the pane, and shows
The little leaves outside in watchful dread
Keeping their guard; while with swift, noiseless tread
Love in its lovelier service comes and goes.
A hand I love brings nectar; near me bends
A face I love; ah! it is over! -- this
Indeed is heaven. Could I only tell
Dear ones whose hearts the sorrow for me rends
How easily one meets Death's gentle kiss, --
And then I woke -- to find that I was well!

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