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LAUDS - TUESDAY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Day's herald bird
Last Line: Now, as of old, and endlessly.

DAY'S herald bird
At length is heard,
Telling its morning torch is lit,
And small and still
Christ's accents thrill,
Within the heart rekindling it.

Away, He cries,
With languid eyes.
And sickly slumbers profitless!
I am at hand,
As watchers stand,
In awe, and truth, and holiness.

He will appear
The hearts to cheer
Of suppliants pale and abstinent
Who cannot sleep
Because they weep
With holy griet and violent.

Keep us a wake,
The fetters break,
Jesu! which night has forged for us;
Yea, melt the night
To sinless light,
Till all is bright and glorious.

To Father, Son,
And Spirit, One,
To the Most Holy Trinity,
All praise be given
In Earth and Heaven,
Now, as of old, and endlessly.

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