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First Line: The sons of the republic drill
Last Line: The new goose-step fraternity!
Alternate Author Name(s): Root, E. Merrill
Subject(s): Army - United States; Reserve Officers Training Course; Soldiers; War; R.o.t.c.

The sons of the Republic drill
Like sheep with wolves' fangs, meek to kill.

See Whitman's countrymen learn culture—
Apprentice-butchers of the vulture!—
Learn "the dear love of comrades" jagging
Their bayonets thru the dummy's bagging!
(Since human bowels are too dear—
Or obvious—to use in mere
Practice.) Incipient A. B.'s
Take slaughter-courses toward degrees:
Knowledge of Plato is a trifle
To making bull's-eyes with a rifle;
Training to slit a human belly
Can supplement a course in Shelley.

Uniforms turn each various soul
Alike as lumps of sorted coal.

Unanimous feet tick-tock, tick-tock. ...
Each Robot is a well-wound clock:
Each one will tick, and turn, and strike
Whatever hour the Times may like. ...

Important bantams, slick in spurs,
Give orders like real officers;
Meekly the dumb herd to and fro—
Automata of empire—go;
And pretty co-eds clap to see
The new Goose-step Fraternity!

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