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DAY DREAMS, by                    
First Line: What time is like the glad springtime
Last Line: Of dreams for this fair world of flowers.
Subject(s): Love; Nature; Spring

What time is like the glad springtime,
When all the trees are green and shady,
And whisper with a balmy chime
Above where you 're asleep, my lady?
What dreams are like the sweet day-dreams
That drift into your sylvan bower,
Waywardly, like the light that gleams
In intermittent golden shower?

What song is like the wild bird's note
That lilts from where he sings above you?
The song he sings with swelling throat
But tells, sweetheart, how much I love you.
The arbor vine its tendrils throws
Across your hammock softly swinging,
And from your curls a faded rose
Has dropped and in the grass is clinging.

What wonder that the arbor vine
Should strive to clasp its arms about you?
What wonder that the rose should pine
And droop and die at last without you?
With bashful touch the zephyr twines
Its fingers in your tangled tresses,
Near where your red lips' curving lines
Reflect the sunlight's warm caresses.

The sunlight steals you kisses, dear;
To do the same I have a craving.
The zephyr has your curls, I fear;
But one, I hope, for me you 're saving.
Awake, my love! the dial's hand
Is racing toward the evening hours.
Awake and leave the wonderland
Of dreams for this fair world of flowers.

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