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KYRIELLE, by                    
First Line: Whom do I love? And must I tell
Last Line: Shall reign, for I love you!
Subject(s): Confessions; Love; Love - Nature Of; Man-woman Relationships; Male-female Relations

Whom do I love? And must I tell,
Sweetheart, the whole list through?
I love—now let me think a spell—
I love—well, I love you!

Nay, don't protest and hide your face—
Dear me! and blushes, too!
And is it, then, a sad disgrace,
My own, that I love you?

One day you came a-visiting
My heart—no doubt you knew
You entered without knock or ring—
And stayed; so I love you.

You 're not so very large, and still
I fear me it is true
That in my heart no other will
Find place while I love you.

So here's a kiss—a new-signed lease;
Thus love shall aye renew
Your freehold in my heart, and peace
Shall reign, for I love you!

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