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PROCRASTINATION, by                    
First Line: My lady wears a big bouquet
Last Line: She grows more wasteful.
Subject(s): Man-woman Relationships; Materialism; Procrastination; Spendthrifts; Vanity; Male-female Relations

My Lady wears a big bouquet
She calls a bonnet,
And, oh! you ought to see the way
She dotes upon it.
She fluffs it out with gauze cerise
And pats each puff and dainty crease
Until I fear she 'll never cease
Her unctuous toying.
But if I venture to complain
She does the whole thing once again,
And pouts, and murmurs with disdain:
"You 're so annoying!"

My Lady's milliner is high
In price and standing,
And scorns my protests when I try,
In tones commanding,
To make her cut her bill in two;
She laughs and answers: "Après vous!
Monsieur! she vears zose charms for you—
Monsieur's so tasteful!"
"Vain man!" think I, but pay the bill
And let My Lady have her will,
Content to hold my tongue until—
She grows more wasteful.

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