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THE MASK OF MIRTH, by                    
First Line: Ho! This is mirth, fat-cheeked and laughing-eyed
Last Line: Ah, mirth, a truce; that grin may mask distress!
Subject(s): Grief; Happiness; Sorrow; Sadness; Joy; Delight

Ho! this is Mirth, fat-cheeked and laughing-eyed,
And wide of mouth where impish dimples lurk
In playful negligence—content to shirk
The earnestness and sober sense of pride,
And prank about gay lips that oft divide
In grins that ripple with content and smirk
Of perfect joy or sly, satiric quirk
That smacks of roguishness personified.
And is this not the best—to make a jest
Of life and sweep the veil of sorrow by;
To steep the soul in mirthful carelessness,
And turn unheeding ears to care's behest,
Ambition's strident call or sweet love's sigh?
Ah, Mirth, a truce; that grin may mask distress!

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