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A LAPLANDER'S SONG TO HIS MISTRESS, by             Poem Explanation         Poet's Biography
First Line: Shine out, resplendent god of day
Last Line: To seize my orramoor.
Subject(s): Lapland; Love

SHINE out, resplendent God of day,
On my fair Orramoor;
Her charms thy most propitious ray
And kindest looks allure.

In mountain, vale, or gloomy grove,
I'd climb the tallest tree,
Could I from thence my absent love,
My charming rover see.

I'd venture on a rising cloud,
Aloft in yielding air;
From that exalted station proud,
To view the smiling fair.

Should she in some sequestered bower
Among the branches hide,
I'd tear off every leaf and flower,
Till she was there descried.

From every bird I'd steal a wing
To Orramoor to fly;
And urged by love, would swiftly spring
Along the lightsome sky.

Return, and bless me with thy charms,
While yet the sun displays
His fairest beams, and kindly warms
Us with his vital rays.

Return before that light be gone,
In which thou shouldst appear;
Unwelcome night is hastening on
To darken half the year.

In vain, relentless maid, in vain
Thou dost a youth forsake,
Whose love shall quickly o'er the plain
Thy savage flight o'ertake.

Should bars of steel my passage stay,
They could not thee secure:
I'd through enchantments find a way
To seize my Orramoor.

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