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SONG, FOR THE KING'S BIRTHDAY, 28 MAY 1716, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Lay thy flowery garlands by
Last Line: Than the bloom of all thy roses.
Subject(s): Birthdays; Capital Punishment; Courts & Courtiers; Crowns; George I, King Of England (1660-1727); Great Britain - Parliament; Jacobites; Hanging; Executions; Death Penalty

Lay thy flowery garlands by,
Ever-blooming gentle May!
Other honours now are nigh;
Other honours see we pay,
Lay thy flowery garlands by, etc.

Majesty and great renown
Wait thy beamy brow to crown.
Parent of our hero, thou,
George on Britain didst bestow.
Thee the trumpet, thee the drum,
With the plumy helm, become:
Thee the spear and shining shield,
With every trophy of the warlike field.

Call thy better blessings forth,
For the honour of his birth:
Still the voice of loud commotion,
Bid complaining murmurs cease,
Lays the billows of the ocean;
And compose the land in peace.
Call thy better, etc.

Queen of odours, fragrant May,
For this boon, this happy day,
Janus with the double face
Shall to thee resign his place,
Thou shalt rule with better grace:
Time from thee shall wait his doom,
And thou shalt lead the year for every age to come.

Fairest month, in Caesar pride thee,
Nothing like him canst thou bring,
Though the graces smile beside thee:
Though thy bounty gives the Spring.

Though like Flora thou array thee,
Finer than the painted bow;
Carolina shall repay thee
All thy sweetness, all thy show.

She herself a glory greater
Than thy golden sun discloses;
And her smiling offspring sweeter
Than the bloom of all thy roses.

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