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OH LADY, LOVE, AWAKE!; A ROMANCE, by                    
First Line: His lady's name he breath'd in vain
Last Line: No more on earth to wake!

His lady's name he breath'd in vain --
No signal could the Knight obtain --
And, pointing to the lake,
He wildly swept his lute again,
And sang a more appealing strain,
His lady, love, to wake.

"Oh, lady, from you gloomy tower
The bell hath chim'd the midnight hour,
The moon sleeps on the lake;
Long have I loitered near thy bower
To free thee from thy tyrant's power,
Oh, lady, love, awake!

"The skiff awaits us in the bay,
The flapping sail reproves our stay
The steeds are o'er the lake;
Oh hear you not their distant neigh,
Impatient at our long delay?
Oh lady, love, awake!

"No taper from thy casement beams,
Nor snowy 'kerchief lightly streams
In signal t'wards the lake;
Oh, hark! the dismal night-bird screams
To rouse thee from thy lengthen'd dreams --
Oh, lady, love, awake!"

Nor lover's voice, nor flapping sail,
Nor neighing steeds, nor night-bird's wail,
The lady's dream can break,
Cold in her shroud, and ghastly pale,
She sleeps within the charnel rail,
No more on earth to wake!

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