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DREAM LOVE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: I did not deem it half so sweet
Last Line: But beauty's self in you.
Alternate Author Name(s): A. E.
Subject(s): Beauty; Dreams; Love; Nightmares

I DID not deem it half so sweet
To feel thy gentle hand,
As in a dream thy soul to greet
Across wide leagues of land.

Untouched more near to draw to you
Where, amid radiant skies,
Glimmered thy plumes of iris hue,
My Bird of Paradise.

Let me dream only with my heart,
Love first, and after see:
Know thy diviner counterpart
Before I kneel to thee.

So in thy motions all expressed
Thy angel I may view:
I, shall not on thy beauty rest,
But beauty's self in you.

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