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IN MEMORIAM HONORE MERCIER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: O, true and gentle, kind and brave!
Last Line: May never see his like again.
Alternate Author Name(s): Ryan, William Thomas Carroll
Subject(s): Courage; Friendship; Heroism; Memory; Mercier, Louis Honore (1840-1894); Patriotism; Valor; Bravery; Heroes; Heroines


O, true and gentle, kind and brave!
Detractors now may stand aside,
While we who loved thee, by thy grave
Recall the virtues they denied.
We knew thee in thy strength and pow'r,
We knew thee when affliction came,
And proudly at this solemn hour
Shall vindicate thy worth and fame.


Stand back! Let Faction hold its peace;
We knew him as a man—a friend,
Stand back! and let your slander cease;
You had your triumph—gained your end,
But he is now beyond your hate,
But not beyond the love we bear;
For love above all things is great,
While hate is parent of despair.


He's far beyond your cruel rage.
This patriot by traitors sold;
Most faithful in a faithless age,
A leader without guile or gold.
In friendship ever firm and true,
In fortune's smile or frown the same.
True heart that never falsehood knew!
Pure soul serene and free from blame!


Aye, free from blame! His fame will shine
Among the noblest of our land,
Whose glory was their faith divine
In virtue and the helping hand.
Peace! Peace! O, let the great dead rest
In silence! Tears and words are vain
This land to which he gave his best
May never see his like again.

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