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THE LAST WORD, by                    
First Line: Life is a boat that is drifting
Last Line: When the tide turns.

LIFE is a boat that is drifting,
Riding high, rocking low,
While the tide turns.
Love is the sands that are shifting
In and out, to and fro,
While the tide turns.

Let the boat drift, no oar to lift,
Clear sky above, calm sea below,
Till the tide turns.
Dream on the shore, wander it o'er;
Gold gleam the sands 'neath the sun's glow
Till the tide turns.

Time enough, love, to be lifting
'Gainst the waves, then, thy oar
When the tide turns.
Dreams are sweet, love, e'er the shifting
Shows how false is the shore,
When the tide turns.

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