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THE WEE LASSIE'S FIRST LUVE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: A cannae hear his name an' hide
Last Line: A think a jist cud dee.

A cannae hear his name an' hide
My thought wi' ony art;
A cannae see him come, an' calm
The flitterin' uv my heart;
It's pain tae meet him when A walk,
Or meet him nae ava;
A wish him aye to come tae me,
A wish him aye awa'.

A dinnae ken what's wrang wi' me;
A'm vixed, A kennae why;
A cannae talk, A cannae wark;
My min's a' ganged agley;
A say sich foolish thin's at whiles
My face is scorch'd wi' pain . . .
O, let them lave me tae mysel'!
A jist wud be alane.

A'm nae sae tall as Elsie Barnes,
A hae nae een like May's,
Yit aft he turns frae May tae me,
An' ne'er wi' Elsie strays.
A cannae thole tae see him laugh
Wi' Grace or Rose or Jean,
An' yit he's standin' nigh my side
Mair aft than ony ane.

He's aye sae coorteous, kin' an' free
Wi' mon an' lass an' chiel',
Mayhap he cares nae mair fur me
Than jist tae wish me weel . . .
But ah, the kin'ness uv his voice
An' ah, his dark blue ee'
An' ah, his face an' coortly grace . . .
A think A jist cud dee.

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