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A BLACK HILLS IDYL, by                    
First Line: We came to where two roads instead of one
Last Line: Though given years ago, we still obey.
Subject(s): Forget-me-nots; Memory

We came to where two roads instead of one
Led to our goal—you towering Mt. Desire;
One smooth and prudent, made for speeding wheels,
Swept up the steep ascent in stately curves;
The other but a foot-path, faint, obscure,
Up-tilted here and there its mask of weed and vine
To greet infrequent visitors.
Which way would you have chanced, when work-a-day
And sordid notes out-sped, each vagrant breeze
Invited to a care-free wandering?
There seemed no reason for this hidden path;
Had heedless followers but deepened trail
Where once a pioneer had felt his way?
There had been here and there a fresh detour,
One such we took, in random, curious mood,
And found as just reward for beauty quest
When vernal curtain of thick, lacing boughs
Had yielded to our eager suit, there hung
Deep framed in nature's guarding battlements,
A still-life gem, out-breathing atmosphere.
There, giants of some dateless past, in sport
Had flung abroad rich jewels in the rough;
From faintest blush to hues of ardent rose
The gleaming crystals lured and beckoned us.
A tiny rivulet—the summer heir
Of springtime's royal stream, purled modestly
Of fabled glory-past; and in the cool
Lush soil beside, to share its solitude,
A cheerful company in crested blue
Abode in closest harmony.
Here was a summer idyl told among The Hills ...
By brook, rose quartz and blue forget-me-nots,
Whose mute command—a golden memory tryst—
Though given years ago, we still obey.

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