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THE MAIDEN'S LAMENT, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The oak-wood murmurs
Last Line: "is love's own weeping and sighing."
Alternate Author Name(s): Schiller, Friedrich Von

THE oak-wood murmurs,
The sky clouds o'er,
The maiden paces
The grassy shore;
The billows are breaking with might, with might,
And she sighs aloud in the gloomy night;
Her eyes all heavy with sadness:

"The heart is broken,
The world is void,
With empty pleasures
My soul is cloyed;
Thou Holy One, summon thy child above;
I have lived my life, I have loved my love,
And revelled in earthly gladness."

"The tears that thou weepest
All vainly are shed,
No power hath thy plaining
To waken the dead;
But tell me, what comforts and gladdens the heart
When the joys of sweet Love must for ever depart;
I, the Holy One, bend to thy crying."

"Let the tears I am weeping
All vainly be shed,
Let my plaining be powerless
To waken the dead:
The sweetest delight for the sorrowful heart
When the joys of bright Love must for ever depart,
Is Love's own weeping and sighing."

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