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AN EVENING WALK, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Beyond the clash and clang of cars
Last Line: The wraith of aaron burr!
Subject(s): Burr, Aaron (1756-1836); New York City; Manhattan; New York, New York; The Big Apple

Beyond the clash and clang of cars,
The clamorous rush of trade,
One night at earliest peer of stars,
Apart alone I strayed.

Crossing a little square where eve
Descended, pensive-eyed,
Lo, a soft touch upon my sleeve,—
A slim form at my side!

He bowed with old-time courtesy,
And words urbane on lip,
Craving, in gracious wise, of me
A twilight comradeship.

His hat was strange; his coat was strange;
His mien had subtle grace;
Emotions swept in restless change
Across his shadowed face.

He dwelt upon the lapse of years;
His voice, smooth-toned and low,
Compassed the ecstasies and tears
Of those dead long ago.

His speech with anecdote was fraught
Of bygone beau and dame,
And evermore the sound I caught
Of Blennerhasset's name.

At length I shrank as though a-cold;
Methought I heard a moan,
And when I turned my eyes, behold,
I was once more alone!

My questioning heart within my side
Gave sudden startled stir;—
I had companioned, stride for stride,
The wraith of Aaron Burr!

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