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GERTRUDE, by            
First Line: Fair gertrude lives at farmington
Last Line: But, by jove, I'd not tell you.
Subject(s): Beauty

FAIR Gertrude lives at Farmington,
Perhaps you've seen her there;
Her eyes delight in laughing light,
Let gods describe her hair;
Her figure -- well, grave Juno ne'er
Had half the supple grace
Of Gertrude fair of Farmington --
Perhaps you know that place?

Beneath her lips there gleam two rows
Of greed-inspiring pearls;
Such rows of teeth the gods bequeath
To but their choicest girls.
For other things at Farmington
I do not care a rap,
Although it is a lovely place --
I've seen it (on the map).

I would the gods had given me
Some mild poetic skill;
In Gertrude's praise I'd sing for days,
And volumes I could fill.
Perhaps you think I love this maid --
In sooth perhaps I do;
Well, if I did, I'd tell her --
But, by Jove, I'd not tell you.

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