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THE FAILURE, by            
First Line: Although I ever did my best
Last Line: "you did the best you could."
Subject(s): Future Life; Perseverance; Retribution; Eternity; After Life

Although I ever did my best,
My best was far from good;
Although I failed to reach the goal
I did the best I could

Long days I toiled 'neath burning suns
With hands that knew no skill,
Although I strove with might and main,
The place I could not fill.

I longed to write some kindly thought
To cheer my fellow men;
Alas, the words I could not form
Beneath my falt'ring pen.

I fain would sing a joyous song
To brighten land and sea,
But I alone in all the world
Have heard the melody.

I sought to paint a picture bold
To stem the world's mad rush;
The colors somehow failed to blend
Beneath my faulty brush.

And when there comes the long dark night
That ends my futile day,
And when I stand before the throne
What will the Master say?

Perhaps He'll turn His grieving face
And say: "You must depart."
Or, will He take me to His breast
With understanding heart?

Somehow, I feel He'll say to me:
"You did but little good,
But enter through the Gates of Peace,
You did the best you could."

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