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BLUE SHIRT, by            
First Line: I saw a boy with a new blue shirt today
Last Line: And carry wistful fire in my eyes.
Subject(s): Dreams; Himalayas (mountains); Travel; Nightmares; Journeys; Trips

I saw a boy with a new blue shirt today,
And he looked at me with eyes of wistful fire,
And I dreamed:

Far blue spaces at dusk in the desert in Utah;
Riding a horse alone toward a ghost-pale horizon
That is slowly being drowned between
A cool wave of purple sage
And an amber cloud of haze;

Blue storm clouds in the west
On a sultry summer evening
Turning leaden
And lacing themselves with lightning
As the copper sun drops in the cornfield;

A Dutch girl in a white apron
Scrubbing a blue tile floor,
With the sun casting confusing shadows
Through the curtained window—
And a blue porcelain bowl on the mantel;

Blue peaks of the Himalayas holding up heaven
And wounding with their sharp crags
The winds of the world as they rush by;
And below, the fabulous vale of Kashmir
And marble temples of India;

Blue waves of the South Seas
And a white sail flapping;
Smiling brown faces of contented barbaric beauty;
And a palm-flecked beach,
And a steaming jungle;

Lying on the sand in the blue tropic night,
Watching a fiery planet in the west
Grow brighter as the waves splash over it;
Blue dreams of nothing and nowhere.
Sometimes, perhaps, I shall wear a blue shirt
And carry wistful fire in my eyes.

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