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First Line: It was only three days ago
Last Line: Could not forever last.
Subject(s): Farewell; Flowers; Parting

It was only three days ago,
I sadly said good-bye
To all my pretty flowers, and wept
To think that they must die.

To my beautiful tea-rose
Which by my window stood;
Which then was full of blossoms
And tender shoots and bud.

And to my scarlet-flowering sage,
And petunias red and white,
My zinnias and my dahlias,
And yellow 'sturtiums bright.

I said good-bye with tear-dimmed eyes,
For were not these the flowers
Which to me had been comrades
Through by-gone summer hours?

My lovely loved chrysanthemums,
(My pride and my delight)
Which bloomed along my garden path
In colors gay and bright.

And my purple cosmos, lately bloomed,
Tho' not loved any less
Than those that bloomed all summer long
In constant loveliness.

And yet I said good-bye to all,
For winter hastens fast,
And I knew full well their beauty
Could not forever last.

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