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A MEADOW BROOK, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: There's a quiet nook by a meadow brook
Last Line: That meadow brook far away.
Subject(s): Brooks; Memory; Streams; Creeks

There's a quiet nook by a meadow brook
In my old Kentucky home far away,
'Tis a cool retreat from the scorching heat
How I wish I were there to-day.

There to lie on the grass while the breezes pass,
Where the violet sweetly grows,
And high overhead the elm trees spread
Their vine and leaf-clad boughs.

'Tis indeed a treat supremely sweet
For the nature-loving soul;
There lilies wave and gently lave
In the water clear and cool.

How often there from perplexing care
Listening to the brooklet's flow,
Have I laid at rest on the grassy breast
Of Mother Earth long ago.

Those days have sped, have swiftly fled
On the wings of time away,
But in memory yet I can't forget
That meadow brook far away.

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