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ENSIGN WORTH BAGLEY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Twas not in the way he'd hoped for
Last Line: She mourns his loss with tears.
Subject(s): Death; Graves; Nations; Dead, The; Tombs; Tombstones

'Twas not in the way he'd hoped for,
Oh, no, not this did he crave
That his country's love and reverence
Should only be shown at his grave.

That her people then should call him
Loyal-hearted and true,
Faithful to his country,
To her banner of "red, white and blue."

He had hoped through heroic daring
To reach the heights of glory,
When with honors immaculate his name
Would live in his country's story.

His name will live while our country lives,
For who would dare gainsay
That he proved to the world his sterling worth --
In that fight at Cardenas Bay.

Yes, he has reached the heights of fame,
And in our hearts to-day
We hold for him a reverence
That will remain true for aye.

For 'twas no common thing to be
The hero of a battle;
To die as he died at the front,
'Mid cannon's roar and rattle.

Nor was it any common thing
His gallantry to prove,
No easy, common thing to win
A nation's praise and love.

But it is his, the nation's praise,
But not with shouts and cheers
Does she applaud his name to-day; --
She mourns his loss with tears.

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