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SHADOWS, by                    
First Line: The sun is sinking in the west
Last Line: My love still calls for thine.
Subject(s): Shadows

The sun is sinking in the west
Where golden rays abound.
It waves its wand for peace and rest
Where ever grief is found.

I see the shadows as they fall
Around my open door
They lightly play upon the wall,
Then linger on the floor.

The daylight folds a tired wing
Like the petal of a rose,
'Tis then my lonely heart would sing
Could night time bring repose.

The weary shadows fade from view
They wait not in their flight;
But pass along as if they knew
Their mission of the night.
Throughout the fading of the day
My lonely heart will pine;
For when the light has paled away
My love still calls for thine.

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