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DYING EMBERS, by            
First Line: One night when winter reigned supreme
Last Line: I went into the night again.

One night when winter reigned supreme
Upon his throne, I saw the gleam
Of someone's fire and saw the door
Open as none had been before.
The flames leaped high as I drew near,
As if they knew I would appear.
The flames burned high and on their wings
They carried dreams of many things.
I knew no fire so fiercely bright
Could ever burn on through the night,
And yet I could not turn away
Or think about the coming day.
I lingered long while time and space
Were blended, and Peace came and took
Her place beside me. Who can say
Why she came, yet could not stay?
For this I know -- before the dawn
I looked for her and she was gone.
I looked into the fire and knew
Its flames would soon be vanished, too.
I could not bear to feel the chill
Of dying embers. Dreaming still
I closed the door with care, and then
I went into the night again.

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