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First Line: Why with its ring has the connecting sea
Last Line: And speed its course with zealous heart and hand!
Alternate Author Name(s): Smith, Horatio
Subject(s): Faith; Hope; Love; Peace; Sea; Belief; Creed; Optimism; Ocean

WHY with its ring has the connecting sea
Married the Hemispheres and joined their hands,
Why has the Magnet's guiding ministry
Made paths athwart the deep to distant lands?

Why are the winds to our control resigned?
Why does resistless steam our will obey,
Why are all arts, all elements, combined
To speed us o'er the ocean-world's highway?

That from wide earth, and from the watery waste,
Creation's sacred flag may be unfurled,
Whereon the finger of the Lord hath traced
Creation's law -- "FREE TRADE WITH ALL THE WORLD!"

Thus nature -- her maternal hands untied,
Shall scatter fresh supplies of wealth and food,
And from each varied soil and clime provide
Some separate blessing for the common good.

So shall the severed races of mankind,
Bidding all barriers and restrictions cease,
By constant intercourse become combined
In one vast family of love and peace.

Let no man part whom God would thus unite!
They who would speed this high and holy aim,
Leagued in the cause of universal right,
All factious ends, all party views disclaim.

Their weapons, Faith, and Charity, and Hope,
Justice and Truth the champions of their cause,
Firmly but peaceably they seek to cope
With selfish interests and mistaken laws.

Ye who love man's advancement -- peace -- free trade,
Ye who would blessings win from every land,
Oh! give the liberating League your aid,
And speed its course with zealous heart and hand!

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