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TO A LADY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Thanks for thy little god of love
Last Line: And a memorial of thy donor.
Alternate Author Name(s): Smith, Horatio
Subject(s): Cupid; Fate; Love; Eros; Destiny

THANKS for thy little God of Love,
Dug from Pompeii -- whose fate 'tis
Henceforth to be installed above
My household Lares and Penates.

Oh! could its lips of bronze unclose,
How sad a tale might they recall!
How thrill us with the appalling woes
Of the doomed City's burial!

Perchance, on that benighted day
This tiny imp the table graced
Of one whose mansion might display
The choicest stores of classic taste.

Of some one whose convivial board
With all embellishments was deck'd,
While her rich cabinets outpoured
A constant feast of Intellect.

Of one who, tho' she ne'er declined
In social chat to bear a part',
Loved more to fill her house and mind
With lettered lore, and varied art.

Of one who thus could give delight
To guests of every mental hue,
Whether unlearned or erudite --
Of one, in short, resembling You!

To the dark tomb, thou Pagan Sprite!
For many centuries consigned,
Thrice welcome to this world of light,
Where worshippers thou still wilt find.

Methinks thy new abode is one
Thou wilt not, Cupid! disapprove,
For all my married life has run
A lengthened course of constant love.

Prompt me, thou type of higher hope!
To spread that love from me and mine,
Until, in its ascending scope,
It soar to social and divine.

So, little Elf! shalt thou be eyed
With doubled favour by thine owner,
Both as a tutelary guide,
And a memorial of thy donor.

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