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THE WALY QUEEN, by            
First Line: The waly queen gaed by ae nicht
Last Line: The waly queen was shining.
Subject(s): Love

THE waly queen gaed by ae nicht
As eerie fell the gloamin',
An' far owre mony a dowie dell,
The waly queen gaed roamin';
When owre a lanely birken shaw,
Where cushets aft were crying,
She glinted through a silvery cloud,
And heard a maiden sighing.

"O thou that dwells aboon," she cried,
"Where angel shadows hover,
Thy pity show, sweet Lady Moon,
An' tell me o' my lover.
A blude-red rose he gied to me,
In a' its simmer blossom;
But dowie is the bonnie flower
That noo lies in my bosom."

Fu' saftly sigh'd the waly queen,
"Sae weel may be thy sorrow,
For owre thy fondest love on earth,
Nae mair shall dawn the morrow.
Wi' broken sword, an' shatter'd helm,
He sleeps in yon green loanin';
An' owre his lanely bed o' rest,
The dreary winds are moanin'."

Bricht radiance fill'd the birken shaw,
The streamlet sparkled clearly,
As dounward fell the crystal tears
For him she lo'ed sae dearly.
Then sabbin' sair, she breath'd his name,
Her weary heart resigning,
An' owre her locks o' yellow gowd,
The waly queen was shining.

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