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HESPERIDES, by                    
First Line: Oh, for the wiles of the fortunate isles
Last Line: And the gold of my southern seas!
Subject(s): Hesperides (mythology)

Oh, for the wiles of the Fortunate Isles,
And the peace of their orchard trees
Whose fruit, I behold, is as golden as gold
Of the sun of my Southern Seas.
There let me sip of the sweets that drip
From the cup that Hebe upbears,
And banish my woes and the mischief that goes
In the wake of vanishing cares!

Ah, fair are my seas by Hesperides,
And fair are the beckoning smiles
Of the nymphs that wait by the garden gate
For me in my Fortunate Isles!
They wait and wait by the garden gate,
And the gold fruit is low on the trees
When each weary day I sail away
To the Isles of Hesperides;
To the Afterwhiles of my Fortunate Isles
And the gold of my Southern Seas!

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