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BALANCE A STRAW, FR. REPRISAL, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Come ye brave british lads who have courage to fight
Last Line: In the cause, etc.
Subject(s): Courage; Valor; Bravery

COME ye brave British lads who have courage to fight,
Hark, old England invites you her wrongs to set right;
Adieu to our sweethearts, adieu to our wives,
Old England we love, and love more than our lives.
Like the Romans of old at the trumpet's alarms,
Quit the loom and the plough, and for freedom take arms.

In the cause of our country our blades we will draw,
And rush rapid to conquest, hey balance a straw.

Our horses are fleet and our hearts they are tight,
The French shall experience our conduct and might;
Our Monarch, God bless him! beholds with surprise,
How quick we dismount, and how nimble we rise.
With our helmet, our pistols, our carbine and sword,
We'll assert ourselves Britons, Revenge is the word.

In the cause, etc.

In our caps we stick oak-leaves, a signal to show
That nothing we love like a brush with the foe.
We're active ourselves, and so nimble our tits,
We will scare the French squadrons quite out of their wits.
We will sweep from the land, we will drive from the sea,
The foe who on England sets foot—that will we.

In the cause, etc.

Us sons of true courage the world will proclaim,
Our deeds shall shine bright in the annals of fame;
Old England for Englishmen—no, not one inch
We'll yield to the invader, nor from him will flinch.
Hurrah to the King! we'll pursue the good cause,
Of protecting our country, religion, and laws.

In the cause, etc.

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