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EVENSONG, by            
First Line: Twilight is drooping like a veil
Last Line: Earth, too, is dreaming of some untold tale.
Subject(s): Dusk

Twilight is drooping like a veil
Upon the curving breast of earth
And beyond the trees is hanging, pale,
A single star as liquid as a tear.
The dusk is heavy with a melancholy
But sorrow cannot cloak me wholly
With you so near
And both our far hearts dreaming...

Our worded silence is unbroken
As from out the saddened shadows
Come the drifting ghosts of thoughts we might have spoken
Had we dared,
Of kisses that our lips have never shared.
And so we sit with melancholy near
But take pleasure in the touching of our hands,
And the mingling of our breathing -- soft and even --
And the giving of a smile that understands;
And so we sit and so we watch the star
That is hanging like a tear
Against the cheek of heaven,
And we wonder if behind her twilight veil
Earth, too, is dreaming of some untold tale.

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