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ANTIGONE: UNCONQUERABLE LOVE; CHORUS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: When love disputes
Last Line: Who will be bold to fight with her?
Variant Title(s): Antigone: The Power Of Love

WHEN Love disputes
He carries his battles!
Love he loots
The rich of their chattels!
By delicate cheeks
On maiden's pillow
Watches he all the night-time long;
His prey he seeks
Over the billow,
Pastoral haunts he preys among.
Gods are deathless, and they
Cannot elude his whim;
And oh! amid us whose life's a day
Mad is the heart that broodeth him!

And Love can splay
Uprightest of virtue;
Lead astray,
Better to hurt you!
'Tis he did the wrong,
'Tis he beguiled
Father and son to feud so dire.
Desire's too strong!
-- Out of the eyelid
Peeped of a lovely bride, Desire!
He with Law has a court,
Sovran in might with her.
Divine Aphrodite wreaks her sport;
Who will be bold to fight with her?

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