Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, SONGS OF A VERY PLAIN PERSON, by SELMA PARKER SOUTHCOTTE

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First Line: Sometimes I wish
Last Line: In being ordinary!


Sometimes I wish
That I were just a little ill,
So that I might lie -- conscience-free --
Between fresh sheets
And meditate and dream awhile
And rest my tired feet.
But when I make my house all shining clean
Or pull a sled back up the hill
Or motor far along enchanted ways,
I thank the Lord that I am never ill.


If being common means
That I can dig in a garden
On a misty April day
And smudge my hands with soil
To find the first green shoot
Of tulip or anemone;
Or stand amazed before a tree
That yesterday was like a gawky boy
All elbows, hands, and knees --
But today is a coquette
In a green dress, if you please --
Then I am common, very,
But what a lot of fun there is
In being ordinary!

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