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MY ELMS, by            
First Line: My elms, my lovely elms
Last Line: My elms, my lovely elms.
Subject(s): Elm Trees; Love; Nature; Spring

My elms, my lovely elms,
You stand like friends before me.
Your dainty, showering little twigs
Fall down from limbs like lace.
No—not like lace; but, let me think—
Like lovely shower of filmy brown
So full of grace,
So speaking, so entreating, so endearing.

It's not like things we see about;
It's not like oak or aspen;
Nor bird-song clear, nor rivulet—
And yet there's whispering in it.
There's weeping there—
I hear the sigh.
There's joy in life, though winter's nigh.
There's calling clear, there's ecstasy:
There's dreaming of sweet secrecy—and pain.
And sweeter than the Spring's sweet call
I hear your voice—my heart's deep thrall.
I weep, I laugh aloud—
I joy with you—
My winter elms.
All crowned with shower of filmy brown,
Like nothing else I think about,
You stand in attitude devout,
My elms, my lovely elms.

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