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First Line: It is autumn in my heart
Last Line: "once more shall summer come into thine heart."

It is autumn in my heart.
But if that means the garnered glory of the many happy years
Behind this autumn day,
Then 'tis not all of sadness that should brim
Within my heart.

But if 'tis black despair,
And treasured 'membrance of unhappy things,
And present desolation and welling loneliness
Alone dwell there,
Then 'tis indeed a chill and dark autumnal day,
And all the light has gone from my poor heart.

Ah no, for as a crystal chalice held on high,
My heart holds memories as bravely bright and gold,
In spite of autumn day,
As all the garnered wealth of Ind,
And says to sad repining, "Peace, be still,
God lives and all is well;
Once more shall Summer come into thine heart."

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